Holistic Therapies

We at Atinama believe in a Holistic approach to Well-Being.  Our therapists are trained in a number of alternative therapeutic modalities to help you attain optimum health and wellness.

Registered Acupuncture

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Acupuncture is a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a 3000 year old healthcare system. Thin, sterile needles are inserted in acupuncture points on energy channels, called meridians. Illness arises due to an imbalance of energy (Qi) flow. Acupuncture stimulates the balance and flow of energy (Qi) which is necessary for maintaining good health. Acupuncture treats the symptoms and the root cause of a client's illness.


* relieves pain ( neck, back, shoulders)

* treats digestive conditions

* increases energy

* arthritis

* relieves headaches/migraines 

* sinusitis 

* sciatica

* relieves anxiety and stress

* improves overall health

* and more

The World Health Organization says acupuncture is effective in the treatment of over 100 conditions.

Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture

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A cosmetic acupuncture treatment is a painless, non-surgical method of reducing the signs of aging using acupuncture needles.  Complimentary consultations are available to discuss your specific cosmetic acupuncture concerns.


* decrease and eliminate the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles on the face

* increase collagen production

* reduce frown lines, crow's feet and smile lines

* increase blood circulation to the face & oxygenate the skin

* increase muscle tone and reduce sagging skin

* bring a natural, healthy glow to your appearance

Acupressure Massage

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Acupressure massage is a deeply relaxing treatment by applying pressure on specific acupressure points on the face, head, scalp and neck. The acupressure points are located on energy pathways, called meridians. Both your facial appearance and internal health are affected by this energetic network. 


* improves blood circulation in the face 

* tones facial muscles

* improves skin tone

* relieves headaches and stress

* brings about a healthy, natural glow to the skin.


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This Shamanic energy technique uses crystals as a catalyst to clear emotional blocks from the subtle energy-fields of the body.  It brings clarity by allowing you greater access to your intuition.  After this therapy people often say they feel lighter, dream more vividly, and have greater dream-recall.  It is recommended to schedule this therapy on or around the Full Moon.


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Having Reiki is like making an appointment with your higher self and committing to letting go of the clutter of the mind so that you can perceive what is always there beyond your reach.  Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing that promotes intense relaxation, heals emotional and physical pain, and increases one's intuition.

PRIVATE YOGa classes

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This is a one-on-one yoga session whereby the therapist uses a wide range of mind/body practices, from postural and breathing exercises to deep relaxation and meditation tailored to the health needs of the individual.  It helps to promote positive health, as well as assist particular medical conditions. This is particularly appropriate for many chronic conditions that persist despite conventional medical treatment.


Womb Blessing

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A womb blessing, or female energy awakening session, is a transformative experience which reconnects you to your authentic female nature. The stress of living in a predominantly masculine world puts strain on our relationships and health, and this relaxing and powerful energy session helps us feel whole, confident, and deeply aware of our intuition as women. Maximum one session per month. Women only.