our TEAM

All of our therapists are Registered Massage Therapists.  Many of us are trained in other modalities as well, and most of our services are covered by health care benefits.  


monica Durante

Registered massage therapist

Ayurvedic therapist


birth doula/ LABOUR SUPPORt provider

reiki, chakra balancing

clinic Owner

I am a graduate of Sutherland-Chan, and I've worked in health clinics (Advanced Therapeutics), hospitals, yoga studios, and luxury spas (Shangri-la Miraj Hammam Spa), giving me a solid foundation to treat all kinds of acute and chronic conditions, as well as give a very nourishing deep relaxation massage.  My most recent course was with DTS Fitness Education where I trained in Fascial Stretch Therapy Level 1. 

After graduating from Sutherland-Chan in 2010,  I traveled to India for 6 months to study Yoga, Massage, & Ayurveda under the guidance of traditional Ayurvedic Doctors who taught the mechanics of how to achieve wellness within the mind, body, and spirit.

I am a Birth Doula & Labour Support Provider with a certificate from Trimesters.  As a Doula my goal is to assist women and their families in having the most incredible child-birthing experience possible.  I have taken online courses to become an AyurDoula, the term used for a Doula who uses Ayurvedic principles in prenatal and postpartum care for Mother and newborn.

I have spent many years in self-discovery practicing the art of Ecstatic Dance, Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation, and Shamanism from North and South America.  My openness to learn new things combined with my desire to help people live fulfilling lives has led me to opening Atinama, a massage clinic in the heart of Toronto, and where it is my honour to assist with your goals of well-being.


Matthew Toth

registered massage therapist

Hot Stone Massage


My treatments tend to be deep and slow, working within my clients' pain threshold to achieve a release of muscular tension and improved posture.  This client centered approach uses a variety of techniques including; Swedish/deep tissue, Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilizations, Post Isometric Release, Stretching,  Kinesio-taping and Hot Stones.  

I am graduate of Sutherland-Chan where I gained foundational knowledge of anatomy and physiology.  I have seen patients from 6-96 yearsof age, from all walks of life; executives to yogis, expectant moms to performers, athletes to retirees.  I am confidant I can meet the client at their level and design a treatment plan appropriate for their goals.

In addition to My massage training I have taken courses in Energy Healing and Intuitive Development, and I believe in using an approach that balances scientific knowledge with an intuitive touch to create individual treatment plans for each of my clients.




I believe strongly in a client-centered practice in which we collaborate to create the best treatment to suit your needs, whether it is to reduce pain, help regain mobility, or to encourage the relaxation of your body and mind.  My Sutherland-Chan education allowed me to treat high-risk pregnancy clients (Sunnybrook Hospital),  those who have experienced a stroke (Stroke Survivors Club).   I tailor treatments for those with chronic medical conditions, such as anxiety and depression.  Together we will work through every detail in your treatment plan to ensure a comfortable, nurturing environment that promotes healing.

renzo rodriguez

registered massage therapist

hot stone massage

I enjoy providing a deep tissue massage to relieve clients of their aches and pains, and I also recognize the health benefits from a gentle, stress reduction massage.  I have developed the ability to acutely listen what the client's body needs.

I received my training in Massage Therapy from Sutherland-Chan College, and I have extensive hands-on experience with pregnant clients, sport and injury related issues, stress reduction, and neurological disorders.  


Jennifer stevenson

registered massage therapist


reiki / Womb Blessings

thai massagE practitioner

I approach massage and yoga the way I approach life—with a whole lot of presence and a holistic view, inquiring into the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical state of my clients and finding ways to connect them. 

Since graduating from Sutherland-Chan in 2011, my massage style has evolved into a unique blend of myofascial stretching and rhythmic techniques infused with energy & sound healing, breathwork, meditation, and gentle coaching where appropriate.  I have certifications in Thai massage (level 2) and Reiki (level 2), additional training in NISA, lymphatic drainage, breast massage, and extensive leadership and coaching training through organizations like Landmark Worldwide.

I felt called to teach yoga in 2014 after nearly a decade of personal practice.  For the last two years I have been involved in an intensive Warrior Training program (first as a student, now as an apprentice) which includes Shamanism, Ayurveda, Kung Fu, and Hatha Yoga with a focus on Yoga therapy.  I love seeing the transformation that happens when students look deep into themselves and draw out their strength and power.  I have learned through all this training that I am a sensitive and intuitive facilitator.  I love working with humans committed to their health and personal development and who want to live their full potential!


Matteo (matthieu) Belisle

Registered Massage Therapist

Active Release Therapy

Neuro-functional Sports Performance

I truly love working with my patients and aim to provide a unique experience with each visit.

This passion of providing the benefits a person gains from receiving massage was passed on to me from my maternal grandmother. In 2008, I moved from Montréal to Toronto to study massage therapy at Kikkawa College. In parallel to massage therapy, I undertook the Active Release Therapy program and completed the Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity and Spine modules. Once I had my Registered Massage Therapy license in hand, I went to McMaster University to complete the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program, as well as the Advanced Neurofunctional Sports Performance Program.

It is a pleasure to join the Atinama massage therapy clinic and cannot wait to share my expertise with you. I am already looking forward to treating you. When can I see you?


Adwoa Asare

Registered Massage Therapist

hot stone massage

Adwoa is a graduate from Everest College and is a licensed Registered Massage Therapist with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. A versatile massage therapist, Adwoa focuses on providing Swedish therapeutic massage, but she also has experience with advanced rehabilitation techniques such as myofascial release and trigger point therapy, postural training, as well as dynamic techniques in sports massage, proprioceptive facilitation, and more. From treating sports-related injuries to pediatrics and pre-and post-natal massage, Adwoa is a well-rounded massage therapist that is passionate in providing the most safe and effective treatment. Her main focus is on your goals and she aims to not only ensure a safe and comfortable treatment, but for you to leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. During her free time, Adwoa likes to relax with a good book, explore nature or get a massage!


jessica Leduc

Registered Massage Therapist

Thai Massage practitioner

hot stone massage

Private Yoga Classes

My path to becoming a massage therapist has not been linear, but has been a positive work in progress. After spending the entirety of my work life in the Hospitality Industry it became clear that it was not the path I wanted to stay on forever, despite valuable experiences it provided me. 

In 2008, I got my certification as a Hatha Yoga Instructor, and was bolstered by the positive impact I could have on others' lives. Ready to take the next step, I was certified in Thai Yoga Massage in 2012.  I then graduated from the massage therapy program at Trillium College was licensed by the CMTO in 2013. 

Going back to school kindled the fire of passion to become a lifelong learner, and I choose to share this passion with my clients by sharing more than compassionate, therapeutic touch, but also by providing the tools that they can use to empower their own health and wellness. 

My work with the students at Kikkawa College, and as a Thai Yoga Therapy Educator keeps me on my toes and makes sure I'm always approaching my own clients with the wide eyes of a novice to compliment my existing, ever expanding experience.

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Desiree Vivanco-Ducharme

Registered Massage Therapist

birth Doula/ Labour Support Provider

I’m passionate about helping people feel better in their bodies, not only through treatments, but also educating and empowering clients to practice self care. 

From a young age, I’ve been interested in the human body, its health, and the way it moves. This led me into dance lessons, studies in kinesiology, and eventually massage therapy. In 2011, I graduated from Sutherland-Chan and began practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist. 

My approach to massage therapy is rooted in awareness of the mind-body connection, often including elements of relaxation to help release tension.  This then allows me to more effectively treat specific areas that need attention, and my clients feel more present.

Some focus points in my practice are prenatal and postpartum massage, and massage for infants and children.  I am a doula, and use massage with a calm and grounding presence to support people during labour and birth.  I’m also interested in massage therapy for stress alleviation and relaxation, and regularly learn shiatsu techniques to blend into treatments. 




In a society where our lives are met with  stress at every step, we must place ourselves in the ideal position to thrive.  I firmly believe that a sound, healthy body is the foundation of vitality, and of a life well lived.  I treat others very much the way I approach my own body: with presence, wonder and respect.  As your practitioner, I will address and treat the needs of your overall system in a clinical and holistic manner.  This means that I will use a variety of techniques and approaches based on the way you show up that day, in both mind and body.  It is all connected, after all. 

The patient-practitioner relationship is highly valued in my practice.  I aim to relax, heal and strengthen all the while guiding you as the individual to understand more about your body and how to work towards optimal living and self-healing. 

As a graduate of Sutherland-Chan, I am well practiced in all areas of Swedish Technique and deep tissue work, with a particular focus in relaxation, myofascial work and visceral manipulation.


Calvin Lee

Registered Massage Therapist

Body Awareness Educator

My belief is that the way to developing a consistent intrinsic motivation to lead an active, health-oriented lifestyle is to start with connecting with your own body in a more mindful way.

Staying dedicated to my own physical practice, studying with some world class movement educators, handbalancers, and strength trainers, coupled with my interest in hollistic health, has honed my understanding in educating others to achieving greater body awareness.

In the course of a treatment with me, you can expect to connect with your breathing to ease you into getting deeper structures released. I often work along fascial chains, treat muscles as a functional group, utilize dynamic release techniques, promote awareness to areas that feel 'blocked' or 'weak' and/or apply gentle stretching. 


Roselle Quesnel

Registered Massage Therapist

Shiatsu Therapist

My interest in body mechanics and healing stem from an early passion for movement and dance.  While attending George Brown College's Dance Program, I suffered an injury that led me to focus on the function and healing of the body. 

Having experienced injury as a high level movement practitioner, my approach to healing is very much influenced by the type of work that had the greatest impact on my own recovery and well-being.  I am interested in helping people become more attuned and sensitive to their body's needs and sensations through gentle yet effective manual techniques such as John F. Barnes Myofascial Release as well as acupressure.  With the body awareness accessed through deeper sensitivity, a person can work through injury with greater ease and ultimately reduce it's occurrence, allowing for more freedom in the body and from pain. 

Client independence and long-term healing is valuable to me, I therefore teach self-treatment, postural awareness, and breathing techniques to empower clients and give them more autonomy in regards to their health. 

I graduated from the Shiatsu Program at The Shiatsu school of Canada in 2010, and then from the Massage Therapy program at Kikkawa College in 2017.